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    Thank you for visiting the "On The Rocks" website! We hope you enjoy this site as it continues to grow.
   Our main goal is to provide our customers useful and beautiful stone products crafted right here in Norfolk, CT. Each piece is unique and designed to reveal the natural beauty of the stone. Our handcrafted stonework is the product of skilled workmanship partnering with nature to create one-of-a kind items to enhance your home or workplace.
    We also strive to share an appreciation and deeper understanding of the world of stone. In our daily lives most of us concern ourselves with everything above ground; the trees, water, sunshine, air, work and even other people. Through our stone work, On The Rocks shows the history, the endless possibilities and the importance of stone. Without stone to provide the foundation of our planet we would have no planet. Join us in taking a serious look at what we humans do have with stone. The beauty in the stone world can rival anything that we see above ground. 
     If you wish to dig deeper and learn more about the role and beauty of stone, we encourage you to send us your questions.We will try to answer all questions and look forward to a great dialog!
   Again, thanks for looking at the" On The Rocks" website and as always, Rock On!

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