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   This page will soon be loaded with a boatload of Herkimer Diamonds. We almost have more than we can count! Herks are wonderful pieces of nature. I have collected all the stones we will offer with my wife and my friend, John, who exposed me in 1974 to these beautiful crystals.
   For those of you who don't know about Herkimer Diamonds, they are double-terminated quartz crystals. They are found in and around Herkimer County, in New York state. Ours come from Fonda in Fulton County.
Herks have been carbon dated to 500-550 million years old! Herkimer Diamonds are true antiques as all naturally formed minerals and stones are.
    We have individual crystals as well as clusters. We also have crystals with inclusions including liquid (salt water), gas (carbon dioxide), and solids. Anthraconite being the most common solid inclusion. We have a limited number of 2 & 3 phase inclusions which include gas, liquid and solids.
   If you have immediate needs for these truly unique stones before we can get them loaded, please call or email. I'm sure we have what you need.
   Thanks for visiting On The Rock and Rock On!


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