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  On this page we have Variscite cabs from 3 different mines. The first variety is Pixie, our material is from the Placer Dome Cortez mine, in Crescent Valley, Nevada, located in the Shoshone mountain range. Only small amounts came out of there and it is now a private gold mine closed to the public.

   Our second variety is Lucin and is the most recognized throughout the world. It comes from Umbria Junction, Utah. Public collecting is no longer allowed. The mine is now owned by Union Pacific Railroad.

   The third variety is actually Chalcociderite but commonly called  Variscite. Ours comes from the Colorback Mine located near Crescent Valley, Nevada.This variety is known for its beautiful spider webb pattern. This mine is now operated by a family trying to bring it back to being productive.

  We cannot possibly list all the stones we have so if you don't see what you are looking for please do not hesitate to ask.

We will be adding stones as fast as we can so please return to the site often.

Thanks for looking at On The Rocks!! Rock on!

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