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     To start with we will have a box for the 5-10mm crystals. They are sold in AA, A and B Grades. They will be sold by the carat. Pricing will be quoted at $7/ct. The A grade, which are very nice stones will be priced at $5/ct. B Grade are $2/ct.
     We also have quite a few stones in the 11-15mm size. So many that we cannot photograph them all so, please call with requests and specific needs. Pricing is $9/ct for AA grade and $5/ct for the A grade. B Grade stones are priced at $2/ct.
    The rest of this page will be for specific crystals that are in the photo with the price.
    If you check out other sites you will see our pricing is fair when looking for genuine Herkimer Diamonds from New York State. All our crystal comes with a 14 day money back guarantee. If you don't like what you receive we will refund your purchase price in its entirety.
    As always, thanks for looking and at all costs continue to Rock On!!
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