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SilverSpiral Creations, LLC has very humble beginnings. Back in 2003, Lynne Patnode took her first metals class at Guilford Art Center, and quickly found her calling to become a jewelry metalsmith. One by one, she collected the tools she needed to have her own home studio, and studied with a number of premier metalsmith artists over the past 20 years.

In June of 2019, Silverspiral Creations, LLC acquired and moved to a small studio at Whiting Mills in Winsted Connecticut, becoming a part of a well-established network of artisan studios and retail businesses. Within 6 months, she outgrew that studio and moved to a larger one, and began to offer lessons upon request. Then Covid came along, and that was suspended for a short time. She quickly pivoted, moved to a larger studio within Whiting Mills, and figured out a way to offer the classes safely during the pandemic and her small classes became very popular. At the end of restrictions, the classes were at full capacity which continues to this day. “My Goal is to make SilverSpiral Creations a Social Community for those who love creating and wearing handmade metal jewelry “ says Lynne Patnode. And SilverSpiral Creations has become just that….


Lynne’s designs are creative with excellent craftsmanship. Her biggest desire is to hunt for the most exotic stones, and make them into wearable jewelry, so that we can have a closer connection to Mother Earth. Her jewelry is sought after at shows, online at Etsy, at Whiting Mills Events, and on her own website. Silverspiral Creations has a shop on their website and still sells on Etsy.


Lynne also provides custom jewelry services. She is often approached by customers wanting a cherished stone set into their own unique setting. As her time is limited, Lynne only accepts limited custom orders, and requires lead time to get them completed. To request a custom order, please visit Studio 310 at Whiting Mills to see if something can be made for you!

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